Smart Construction Bonds on Ethereum

How blockchain can benefit the construction industry with next generation performance bonds At REX, we are building a multi-layered real-estate application that connects the real estate community worldwide. REX is launching it's open marketplace for real estate data and global data transaction portal using blockchain technology. The utility of blockchain technology can extend to every [...]

The Official Guide to Real Estate and the Blockchain

Blockchain has become a mainstream buzzword in 2017. Many industries, including real estate, are trying to figure out how to capitalize on distributed ledgers, decentralized networks, and digital currencies that blockchain enables. One of the first ways that the real estate industry has engaged with blockchain tech is via sellers and developers accepting crytpocurrencies, like [...]

A Crash Course in Blockchain’s Challenges — for Real Estate Professionals

Industry leaders, firms, brokers and lenders are starting to realize the blockchain is not just some quixotic idea dreamt up by young, upstart software developers and techno-libertarians. It has become increasingly evident that blockchain technology, distributed ledgers, decentralized networks, and token economics will propel industries all over the world into a new era of enterprise. [...]